FTD 011 (NC/NO), Dual Thermostat,Tamper-proof (Pre-set) - 01163.0-00

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ST.01163.0-00 FTD 011 Fix Dual Thermostat, NC/NO,


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Data sheet

Product type Thermostat
Switching function Combination NC/NO (Heating/Cooling)
Power supply voltage 230V AC
Temperature setting range Tamper-proof (Pre-set)
Maximum inrush current AC 16 A for 10 sec
Operating temperature -45°C ... +80°C
Degree of protection IP20
Approvals VDE, UL, EAC

More info

  • NO and NC in one casing
  • Default temperature settings
  • High switching accuracy
  • Clip fixing

Two thermostats in one casing:
Tamper-proof (Pre-set) Thermostat/Contact breaker (NC) for regulating heaters or for switching signal devices when temperature has fallen below the minimum value. The contact opens when temperature is rising.

Tamper-proof (Pre-set) Thermostat/Contact maker (NO) for regulating filter fans, heat exchangers or for switching signal devices when temperature limit has been exceeded. The contact closes when temperaure is rising.

Heaters and cooling equipment can be switched independently from each other with a temperature offset as opposed to the usual change-over contacts.

Sensor element thermostatic bimetal
Contact type snap-action contact
Service life > 100,000 cycles
Max. switching capacity 250VAC, 5 (1.6) A / 120VAC, 10 (2) A
DC 30W
Max. inrush current AC 16A for 10 sec.
Connection 4-pole terminal, clamping torque 0.8Nm max.:
rigid wire 2.5mm² (AWG 14)
stranded wire1 1.5mm² (AWG 16)
Mounting clip for 35mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Casing plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey
Dimensions 47 x 63 x 33mm
Weight approx. 40g
Fitting position variable
Operating/Storage temperaure -40 to + 80°C (-40 to +176°F) / -45 to + 80°C (-49 to +176°F)
Operating/Storage humidity max. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type IP20
Approvals VDE, UL File No. E164102, EAC

¹ When connecting with stranded wires, wire end ferrules must be used.

Art. No.                Contact breaker (NC)                Contact maker (NO)
Switch-off temperatureSwitch-on temperatureSwitch-on temperatureSwitch-off temperature
01163.0-00 +15°C / +59°F (±5K tolerance) +5°C / +41°F (±5K tolerance) +50°C / +122°F (±7K tolerance) +40°C / +104°F (±6K tolerance)



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