Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains  

Optical safety barriers are designed to protect places that need frequent access.

Where mechanical guards become extremely unproductive for entry into a hazardous area, optical barriers are the most appropriate alternative. In addition, they are often used in conveyor systems where it is necessary to separate the human from the transported products.

How to choose the right curtains?

Determine the required height using ISO 13855 and ISO 13857
Evaluate the required radiation resolution: body, hand, finger protection.
According to the requirements of the standard ISO 13849, choose the type of curtains: Type 2, Type 3, Type 4.

What features can curtains have?


Safety barriers with this function for transporting products to and from the hazardous / processing area. The function briefly suspends the curtains until the product passes safely.


Safety barriers with this feature allow the production process to run non-stop as production passes through specially designed blind curtain zones, keeping other locations monitored.


The curtains have the possibility to connect in stages, thus providing protection from several sides using one safety system

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