Functional safety assessment

Functional safety assessment  

After done with the risk assessment of the work area, the safety level is determined according to ISO 13849 (PL - performance level) or IEC 62061 (SIL - Safety Integrity Level) standards. The next stage is risk reduction using three methods in order of priority:

  1. Risk reduction during design phase
  2. Risk reduction using safety components
  3. Risk reduction using warning signs, training, signaling elements, work clothes.

After designing the safety system, it is necessary to make sure that its reliability is sufficient according to the established safety level. For this, you need to collect a lot of information about each element, design the system according to the appropriate architecture (category), choose well-tied components, meet environmental and other requirements. Finally, evidence must be provided in the risk assessment report that the designed system is reliable.

Using specially developed software, according to the system diagram and the list of components used by you, a report is created, which will be a written proof of meeting the requirements of the standards.

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    Risk assessment report using Pascal software developed by Pilz. Evaluated according to standards ISO 13849 (PL) or IEC 62061 (SIL). The report serves as confirmation that the selected components and the designed system meet the established level of reliability and must be attached to the overall risk assessment report.

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