Fan Heater CSF 028, 400W, 230VAC, with pre-set thermostat +5°C to +15°C

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Compact Semiconductor Fan Heater CSF 028. 

Heating capacity 400W. 

Supply voltage 230VAC.

Integrated pre-set thermostat +5°C to +15°C. 

Stego 02820.0-06

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Data sheet

Product type Fan Heater
Power supply voltage 230V AC
Temperature setting range Tamper-proof (Pre-set)
Switch-off temperature +15°C / +59°F (±5K tolerance)
Switch-on temperature +5°C / +41°F (±5K tolerance)
Heating capacity 400W
Maximum inrush current 15 A
Operating temperature -40°C ... +70°C
Degree of protection IP20
Approvals VDE, UL, EAC

More info

The compact fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components. The touch-safe plastic housing and the small dimensions makes it ideal for use in enclosures with high packing density. The CSF 028 is equipped with a pre-set thermostat. It is connected via external clamps. The fan heater is available with two different mounting systems - either mounting by screw flange or by clip. The robust screw flange fixing is particularly suitable for applications with high vibration.

Heating element PTC resistor - temperature limiting
Temperature safety cut-out to protect against overheating in case of fan failure, automatic reset
Axial fan, ball bearing air flow, free flow
CSF 028: 45m³/h (230VAC), 54m³/h (120VAC)
service life 40,000h at +40°C (+104°F)
Connection 2-pole dual pressure clamp for rigid wire 2.5mm²,
stranded wire (with wire end ferrule) 1.5mm²
Casing plastic according to UL94 V-0, black
Mounting clip for 35mm DIN rail, EN 60715 or screw fixing (Ø 5.5mm),
clamping torque 2Nm max., washers have to be used
Fitting position vertical airflow (air outlet up)
Dimensions models with clip fixing: 105 x 85 x 118mm,
models with screw flange fixing: 105 x 115 x 108mm
Weight 0.5kg
Operating/Storage temperature -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F)/-45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humidity max. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection class IP20 / II (double insulated)

Art. No. clip fixingOperating voltageHeating capacity¹Inrush current max.Recommended
pre-fuse T (time-delay)
Switch-off temperature²Switch-on temperature²        Approvals

02820.0-06 230VAC, 50/60Hz 400W 15.0A 16.0A +15°C (+59°F) +5°C (+41°F) VDE UL File No. E234324 EAC



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