Optiniai jutikliai

Optiniai jutikliai  

The requirements placed on industrial sensors are just as varied as the applications relevant to the automation industry.

Pepperl+Fuchs has decades of experience and maintains the highest quality standards, making it the ideal partner for discerning customers in the fields of factory and process automation.

The company offers a broad portfolio of standard photoelectric sensors and measurement technology. All of these products are precisely engineered for the demands of industrial automation.

Various sensing modes, from conventional thru-beam sensors and diffuse mode sensors to high performance distance sensors, are available in miniature, standard, and specialized designs.

This forward-thinking portfolio concept guarantees maximum flexibility for users.

Aside from machine and plant construction and the automotive industry, photoelectric sensors are primarily used in material handling, mobile equipment, and the packaging and electronics industries.

All range of photoelectric sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs here: 


All range of photoelectric sensors from TELCO here: 

TELCO photoelectric sensors

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Rodoma 1 - 36 iš 36 dalykų


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