CoBolt® S varžtų kandiklės

Prekės kodas: KN.7101160

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  • Itin efektyvi žnyplių konstrukcija užtikrina didelę kirpimo jėgą.
  • Iki 60% mažiau pastangų reikalaujančios žnyplės, lyginant su įprastomis.
  • KNIPEX 71 01 160

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Produkto tipas Varžtų kandiklės
Svoris, kg 195 g
Tvoros aukštis 160 mm

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The Knipex CoBolt® S 71 01 160 compact bolt cutter cuts soft and hard wire as well as piano wire and is particularly suitable for small hands.

  • Specially suitable for small hands;
  • Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire as well as piano wire;
  • Cuts components such as bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to Ø 4.4 mm;
  • Most efficient joint design ensures exceptional cutting performance with little effort;
  • Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC;
  • The microstructure on cutters keeps the material to be cut in a good insertion position: makes optimal use of the mechanics;
  • With gripping surface below the joint for gripping and pulling wires with a diameter as from 1.0 mm;
  • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened. 

Article No. 71 01 160
EAN 4003773082668
Pliers black atramentized
Handles plastic coated
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 160 x 45 x 14 mm
Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter) Ø 5.3 mm
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter) Ø 4.4 mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter) Ø 3.2 mm
Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter) Ø 3.0 mm

60 % less effort required compared to conventional high-leverage diagonal cutters

The ingenious lever action mechanism guarantees an extremely favorable lever ratio with very low friction. Manual force is reinforced up to 30 times. 


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