Kandiklės didele sverto jėga, 1000V

Prekės kodas: KN.7406200

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Chrome-plated high leverage diagonal cutters for hard constant use. 

VDE tested. 

KNIPEX 74 06 200

1 Vienetas

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Produkto tipas Kandiklės šoninės
Svoris, kg 304 g
Izoliacija Izoliuotas
Ilgis 200 mm

Apie prekę

  • For very tough, continuous use;
  • High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio;
  • Precision cutting edges additionally induction-hardened (cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC), for all sorts of wire including piano wire;
  • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened.

No. 74 06 200
EAN 4003773033820
Head chrome-plated
Pliers chrome plated
Handles insulated with multi-component grips, VDE-tested
Insulation standard DIN ISO 5749 DIN EN 60900 IEC 60900
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter) 4,2 Ø mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter) 3,0 Ø mm
Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter) 2,5 Ø mm
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter) 12,0 Ø mm
200 x 56 x 26 mm
Net weight 304 g

Chrome-plated high leverage diagonal cutters for hard constant use.

Reliable helpers for professional users: tough and strong/

Thanks to their high cutting capacity and indestructible strength, the Knipex 74 06 200 high leverage diagonal cutters are highly valued especially by craftsmen, predominantly in the electrical trade. They are also often used in the motor trade, on the building site and in industry.

They are also ideal as constant companion in mobile applications, because despite their compact size, they are still able to cut hard materials effortlessly.

The chrome plating contributes to the durability of the high leverage diagonal cutters, because it acts as an effective rust protection and makes them easier to clean.

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