Įzoliacijos nuėmimo replės 2,5-16mm²

Reference: KN.1250200

Condition: New product


  • Įvairių laidų kabeliams su plastiko ar gumos danga.
  • Automatiškai prisitaiko prie kabelio skerspjūvio.
  • Reguliuojamas pjovimo gylis.
  • KNIPEX 12 50 200

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59,99 € tax excl.

Data sheet

Тип изделия Savireguliuojantys Įzoliacijos nuėmikliai
Функция снятия изоляции Да
Мин. площадь сечения, мм² 2.5
Макс. площадь сечения, мм² 16

More info

  • For single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation;
  • Adapts automatically to the respective cable cross-section; prevents damage to the conductor;
  • Cutting depth can be adjusted for different insulation materials;
  • With wire cutter for copper and aluminium wires, multiple stranded up to 10 mm² and single stranded up to 6 mm²;
  • Smoothly operating mechanism;
  • Stripping blades and clamping jaws easily replaceable;
  • Low weight;
  • Body: plastic, fibreglass-reinforced;
  • Blade: special tool steel, oil-hardened,

No. 12 50 200
EAN 4003773034407
Stripping capacities in square millimetres 2,5 - 16,0 mm²
AWG 13 - 5
Length 200 mm
Net weight 200 g



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