Metalinis EMC kabelio sandariklis Blueglobe TRI M12x1,5

Reference: PL.BG 212MS TRI

Condition: New product


EMC protection, Brass nickel plated, Thread M12 x 1.5, Sealing range 5-8 mm, Temperature range -40...+130 °C, Protection IP69.

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Data sheet

Материал Nikeliuotas žalvaris
Тип изделия EMC kabelio sandariklis
Sandariklio sriegis A M12x1.5
Kabelio sandarinimo diapazonas Ø 8.0 - 2.0 mm
Sriegio ilgis D 5 mm
Sandariklio aukštis C 21 mm
Spalva Metalinis
Температура эксплуатации -40°C ... +130°C
Степень защиты IP69


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    Lock nut, metric thread EN 60423;  Brass, nickel plated; Thread: M12 x 1.5;  Colour: Metallic;  Temperature range: up to 200 °C; Spanner width SW x E: 15x16.6 mm.

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