Gofrų pjovimo įrankis, d13-32mm

Prekės kodas: KN.902201SB

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  • Pritaikytas Ø13…32mm gofruotiems vamzdžiams
  • Sukonstruotas taip, kad niekad nepažeistų laidininkų gofros viduje
  • KNIPEX 90 22 01 SB

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Produkto tipas Daugiafunkciai įrankiai
Svoris, kg 47 g
Tvoros aukštis 100 mm

Apie prekę

  • For corrugated pipes with Ø of 13 - 32 mm.
  • For cutting empty or ready-assembled corrugated pipes to length.
  • Application in the electrical and construction trades and for plumbing work.
  • Recessed blades prevent injuries.
  • Exact, flush cut, without damaging the internal cables.
  • Cut on the outside of fluting – no sharp raw edge inside the corrugated pipe.
  • Fast and reliable work.
  • Simple insertion of the corrugated pipe for reliable and simple cutting: no waste.
  • In the case of thick-walled corrugated pipes, reapply after the circular cut just behind the cut, and break off the corrugated pipe.
  • Slim and ergonomically shaped for work in poorly accessible areas.
  • Double-sided guide for a precise cut.
  • Body made of stable polyamide compound plastic.

No. 90 22 01 SB
EAN 4003773082286
Cutting capacities (diameter) 13 - 32 Ø mm
Net weight 47 g
Length 100 mm

Internal cables cannot be damaged when cutting the corrugated pipes externally on the ridge. As a result, the inner pipe end at the cut point always indicates a radius, so that no line is damaged during subsequent movements of the conductors or when inserting a new or additional conductor.


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