Kandiklės KNIPEX X-Cut® 160mm, juod.metalas

Prekės kodas: KN.7302160

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KNIPEX X-Cut® - Compact Diagonal Cutter High lever transmission.

KNIPEX 73 02 160

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Produkto tipas Kandiklės šoninės
Svoris, kg 175 g
Tvoros aukštis 160 mm
Izoliacija Izoliuotas

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  • Cuts finest strands as well as multi-core cables and piano wires;
  • Powerful, light and universal;
  • High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio;
  • Box-joint design: highest stability with low weight;
  • Doubly supported joint axis for heavy duty;
  • Large opening width for thicker cables;
  • Cuts precisely, even through fine copper wires;
  • Compact, low-weight construction;
  • Universally usable, in the assembly, maintenance and production;
  • 40% less force required compared with standard diagonal cutters of the same length;
  • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened.

No. 73 02 160
EAN 4003773075127
Head polished
Pliers black atramentized
Handles with multi-component grips
Insulation standard DIN ISO 5749
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter) 3,8 Ø mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter) 2,7 Ø mm
Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter) 2,2 Ø mm
Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter) 4,8 Ø mm
Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter) 12,0 Ø mm
Dimensions 160 x 60 x 21 mm
Net weight 175 g

Compact tool for big tasks

Accurate cuts on thin wire, thick cable and spring steel

Thanks to the geometry of the cutting edges and the high-quality chrome vanadium tool steel, accurate cuts of fine copper wire as well as thick, multicore cable with a diameter of up to 12 mm are possible using the Knipex 73 02 160 X-Cut. The cutting edges of the X-Cut bite their way unperturbed through nails and all kinds of wire through to spring steel wire (piano wire).

Big energy savings due to high transmission ratio of manual force

The small tool that is big on energy saving. The extremely high transmission of manual force leads to around 40 % less effort required compared to conventional diagonal cutters of the same length. Weight only 175 g, length only 160 mm and a large opening width: the ideal statistics for this compact tool.

Tough and strong: box joint design, double guide and double mounted joint axle

The design of these compact diagonal cutters with box joint design offers the greatest possible stability because the handles of the pliers stabilise each other in the joint: the joint axle of the Knipex 73 02 160 X-Cut is mounted on two sides; the edges of the inner pliers handle are guided on either side.

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