AdaptaGuard series

AdaptaGuard series  

AdaptaGuard is the protection and accident prevention system consisting of 50x50 uprights and frameless panels.

AdaptaGuard fast and efficient installation is achieved by simple, easy-to-use connectors which fit securely to the uprights, while the layout can be easily configured to suit the machinery and available space.

Easy to handle - Light and robustA resistant and light structure, Satech AdaptaGuard frameless panels can be easily handled by one person.

Adaptable - Ready for all eventualities - In the event of unforeseen difficulties, the frameless construction allows panel sizes to be adjusted speedily on site.

Resistant - 4 mm wire and reinforcement foldsSatech AdaptaGuard frameless panels are resistant, thanks to their transverse folds and their 4 mm steel wire shaped mesh.

Safety - EN ISO 13857 - The slot dimensions of 28x64 mm allow the installation of the fence 200 mm from the danger zone.

Visibility - EN ISO 14120-5.9The vertical mesh slots ensure excellent visibility of the machinery.

Impact test EN ISO 14120AdaptaGuard has passed the severe dynamic resistance tests according to the procedure contained in EN ISO 14120 Standard (Hard body / Pendulum Test) up to 1600J.

  • Greater stability is achieved by connecting the panels to the uprights at the position of the reinforcement ribs.
  • High-thickness baseplates (120 x 120 x 8 mm) ensure maximum stability.
  • 50 x 50 mm posts with “Flow Drill” holes allow a quick and easy mounting.
  • High-strength nylon-fibreglass fasteners are ergonomically shaped to facilitate quick and easy assembly of the system.
  • Captive Retained fastenings - The fastening system features a captive fastener according to EN ISO 14120 and 2006/42/EC - Machinery Directive.

ISO Compliance - AdaptaGuard complies with the following EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: ISO 14120; EN ISO 12100; EN ISO 13857; EN ISO 14119; EN ISO 10218-2.


Catalog ADAPTAGUARD series

Yra 13 prekės(-ių).

Rodoma 1 - 13 iš 13 dalykų

Rodoma 1 - 13 iš 13 dalykų


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