EasyGuard series

EasyGuard series  

EasyGuard is a Perimeter Guarding System that is simple and effective. Two smooth-surface post options, a new welded baseplate and the practical Clamp assembly make EasyGuard a suitable choice for the protection of most industrial applications.

Practical - The new welded baseplates with 3 anchoring points and the redesigned Clamp reduce installation time up to 25%.

Versatile - Available with 40- or 60 mm posts, EasyGuard can be completed with our wide range of accessories and doors.

Regulation-compliant - The EasyGuard Perimeter Guard is designed in compliance with EN ISO 14120 and meets Risk Assessment safety requirements.

Intuitive assembly

Asembly time

Impact Test

Yra 14 prekės(-ių).

Rodoma 1 - 14 iš 14 dalykų

Rodoma 1 - 14 iš 14 dalykų


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