BASIC series

BASIC series  

BASIC is the protection and accident prevention system consisting of 40x40 uprights and 20x20 panels with 20x20 frames. It is the standard method used in all guards for plant and machinery.

Safety fence BASIC series is easy to be assembled with a patented clamp or with nuts and bolts as an option.

The Patented Clamp allows easy reinstallation of the  guard after it has been removed for nonroutine maintenance EN ISO 14120 b.

BASIC system can also be assembled with traditional/captive nuts and bolts.

CLAMP SPACERThe convenient spacer for a quick and correct placement of the lower clamp according to the current Regulation for minimum floor clearance EN ISO13857.

Captive Retained fasteningsBoth fastening systems feature a captive fastener according to EN ISO 14120 and 2006/42/EC - Machinery Directive.

ASSEMBLED OR WELDED BASEPLATEBASIC system posts are available with adjustable assembled baseplate or welded baseplate as an option.

Impact test EN ISO 14120BASIC system assembled with nuts and bolts has passed the severe dynamic resistance tests according to the procedure contained in EN ISO 14120 Standard (Hard body / Pendulum Test) up to 1600J.

ISO Compliance - BASIC series complies with the following EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: ISO 14120; EN ISO 12100; EN ISO 13857; EN ISO 14119; EN ISO 10218-2.


Catalog of BASIC series

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Rodoma 1 - 10 iš 10 dalykų

Rodoma 1 - 10 iš 10 dalykų


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