Crimping Pliers 0,75-6mm²

Item code: KN.9722240

Condition: New product


Pliers black lacquered, handles with multi-component grips. 

Application: insulated terminals + cable connectors; non-insulated open plug-type connectors (plug width 6.3 mm). 

97 22 240

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Data sheet

Product type Multifunction pliers
Weight, kg 0.3
Length 240
Crimping geometry Oval
Application Insulated cable lugs and connectors
Stripping function Yes
Min. cross section, mm² 1.5
Max. cross section, mm² 6

More info

  • For cutting cables, stripping wire and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and plug type connectors
  • With threaded holes for cutting copper and brass screws threaded M 2.6 / M 3 / M 3.5 / M 4 and M 5
  • Bolted joint for higher stability and even movement
  • Special steel, high-strength

No. 97 22 240
EAN 4003773070726
Pliers black lacquered
Handles with multi-component grips
Capacity in square millimetres 0,5 - 6,0 mm²
AWG 20 - 10

insulated terminals + cable connectors

non-insulated open plug-type connectors (plug width 6.3 mm)

Number of crimping positions 3
Net weight 300 g
Length 240 mm

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